5 oz. Reed Diffuser

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5 oz. Reed Diffuser


Enjoy the effortless method of filling your everyday spaces with your favorite Gypsy Vine fragrance! Inspired by a school teacher for her classroom of beautiful, yet sometimes smelly, little ones, this low-maintenance option is perfect for those who cannot, or maybe should not, be around open flames.

Each bottle is capped with a recycled wine cork and accompanied by a set of 10 all-natural reeds. Simply place the reeds into the diffuser bottle and let them absorb and drift the fragrance to freshen the air - an entirely carefree process that does not require the use of heat or flame. The 5 ounces of fragrance will last 4+ months, so enjoy!

TIP: For a stronger impact, rotate the reeds once per week!

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For a happier life on a healthier planet:

We’re proud of our sustainable approach to small-business crafting. Please help us continue this practice and reuse your empty Gypsy Vine container. To clean, simply wash it out with hot water and soap.

With only the highest quality of premium-grade fragrance and essential oils, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the experience.

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