Hi there, RCF Jury!

Welcome to our booth.

Candle Bar

The forefront of our booth is this small table adorned with our greatly loved 6 ounce mason jar candles to present the entire collection of Gypsy Vine aromas. This is designed to introduce the brand and allow visitors to easily grab and smell each and every candle before selecting their favorite vessel, be it a mason jar, a recycled wine bottle or a reed diffuser. Once the guest has found their favorite fragrances, their selection can be pulled straight from the main display.


Main Display

The heart of our display is a magnificent, custom built shelf. Functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand here - the shelves carry our full stock of aromatic goods so that no further storage is needed and the space remains open for the flow of shoppers to feel comfortable in. The inspiration was to make the booth a cozy nook, just like a favorite bookstore or coffee shop, and it serves to be just that!

Thank you for visiting!