Hi there, RCF Jury!

We are overjoyed to be applying for the holiday fair this year! Gypsy Vine has undergone some seriously cool changes that we are incredibly proud of and pleased to share with you.

With the mindset of ever evolving as a brand, we understand that there is always room for growth in both the science and art of candle making. With strength on the technical side, this year has been all about art and creativity! As a result of these efforts, the line has been given a stunning refresh with new labels, a greater variety of proprietary, in-house blended aromas, added offerings including our reed diffusers, and a brilliantly refurbished logo to top it all off. Our Gypsy has been empowered with intent and is now standing as strong as we all knew she could. 

It would be an honor to present this new stage of Gypsy Vine at the San Francisco holiday fair, and here is what we have in mind for the set-up!


Candle Bar

Full collection of fragrances to effortlessly experience!


Candle Bar

At the forefront of our booth will be this slim profile table adorned with our greatly loved 6 ounce mason jar candles. Each will be a different fragrance and will represent our entire collection of Gypsy Vine aromas. This is designed to introduce the brand and allow visitors to easily grab and smell each and every candle before selecting their favorite vessel, be it a mason jar, a recycled wine bottle or a reed diffuser. A simple, clean layout that provides and instant connection without the need to pick out of a detailed display or even open a lid! Once the guest has found their favorite fragrances, it is time to enter the booth behind the Candle Bar and pull straight from the Main Display!

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 4.30.12 PM.png

Main Display

The heart of the display will be a magnificent, custom built shelf very similar to this image! A local vendor is in the midst of building this just for us, and we could not be more excited. Learning as we go, it became apparent that large scale events require a much different approach to the set-up than say a smaller pop-up shop. Instead of keeping confined to a table with a linen and stored candles underneath, we want to truly embody the presence of a brick and mortar shop. Functionality and aesthetics go hand-in-hand here, and the intent is to have fully stocked shelves with touches of home decor throughout.

The shelves will carry our full stock of aromatic goods, so that no storage is needed and the space remains open for the flow of shoppers to feel comfortable in. With the shelf unit being under construction, let me borrow your imagination and show some examples of what the shelves will present. These images encompass, on a small scale, the balance of goods with warm touches of home to bring the display to life. The inspiration is to make the booth a cozy nook - just like your favorite bookstore or coffee shop! 










Signage and examples will be dispersed throughout the display to show how each and every container can be used once the contents are gone! For example, a recycled wine bottle makes for a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. It is considered our due diligence to educate our clients on recycling and finding purposes for the empty containers to emphasize a zero waste approach.






With so many applications and profiles to view, we thought we would send a little extra love from our photoshoot assistant, Hudson!